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© 2010-2016. Vlad Popovici


© 2010-2016. Vlad Popovici


This web site developed around a few research projects related to the history of the elites in Transylvania. However, we look forward to any interaction and collaboration with fellows engaged in research activities concerning the Romanian elites (regardless the subjects’ geographical location, social layer or professional commitment) and we will gladly host their projects’ web pages or promote links and news related to them.

The vast historiographical territory represented by the Romanian elites still has so much to offer and the large number of elite members, groups and activities who remained over the time semi-anonymous makes every piece of information very useful.

See the section of the site dedicated to particular research projects, and for any supplement or notification of possible errors (we're human, right?) do not hesitate to contact the project leaders. Observations, comments and additional information will always be welcomed.

Dr. Vlad Popovici
Researcher, Babeş-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca

E-mail: vladutpopovici[@]yahoo.com